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Rebooting traditional social media into an exclusive playground for geeks, gamers, cosplayers, creators, streamers and nerds alike. Be a cool Wookie and join up!

Version: v0.3 (beta) iOS only!

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Just a few, of the many amazing things we have planned for our journey.


No invasive ads here, please. We let you control what you want and help keep us running.


Escape family & baby photos on your Facebook and other boring non-nerd stuff.


We promote what you like and create, and expires what is not engaging.


See who fans you and what loops people like and engage better with fans or creators.


Old school social networking needs a reboot! No more constant Ads or feed algorithms that show baby photos and political posts before the latest Star Wars trailer or the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner from your friend. Nerdloop is your new place to geek out! Made specifically for Muggles!

Explore the world of nerds and gamers. Post your own stories and see if the community gives you a fistbump for it. Images and text loops only at first - we don't have Zuckerberg money yet! đŸ™‚

No more scrolling through 2 year old crappy posts to see a recent cool one. Your story (a loop) only lives 14 days unless people engage with it. Cool content gets to live and entertain you and quick fun stuff goes away after a while.

We also made it more fun with points to level up for being active and you can see personal statistics like who is your most active fan or who likes your loops the most.

Super Fan is new. When someone fans you they see your loops in a mix with others. If you get a SUPER FAN then they will see your loops first, all the time! But you can only become Super Fan of 5 people! So who will get your Super Fan follow?

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We are creating a social playground that has the core values around exploring, meeting others and a higher focus on relevant content than usual generic social networks.

With our background being from the high paced gaming and nerd industry in Denmark, we felt that a place to escape baby photos and embracing influencers and content creators in a social space would be fun to create.

Documenting our journey together with the users makes it a cool project to work on; Creating the Grid in social space.

We hope you will be a part of our closed BETA and help provide great feedback so we make this playground something you will enjoy using every day.


Flemming & Bruno.


Our base is set around you as a fellow nerd or gamer. You will get your own public space where you can post loops, #tags, @mentions, re-loop and express your emotions about what other nerds loop. This is where we begin our adventure with Nerdloop - a dedicated social network for nerds and gamers!

Exciting Roadmap

We have some great ideas to make sure everything works specifically for Nerds, Gamers, and content creators. Here are a few, but we would always love to know what YOU want, as this is your new social playground.

We start out as an iOS App because that's what we could create ourselves at first (Lazy pricks... we know). Next, we hope to get more nerds onboard so Android users can join the fun... or maybe just get an iPhone?! đŸ™‚

We will make a system that embraces programmers, designers, cosplayers, streamers and influencers alike so they can reach and entertain more nerds while making an honest $.

Another cool feature we have plans for is where it gets easier to meet local nerds and even for events to connect and talk with their visitors.

We have a long-term dream of interconnecting the realm of online with offline in a special way that uses the platform to build new friendships.

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We're excited that you're excited about Nerdloop. Sign up to get access to the Beta and help us make it a great playground. The active and most hyped in the crew will get unique icons and a spot in the LoopCrew after we go live. More about this later.

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It all starts here

Main Office in Vejen, Denmark
NA Office in Fort Lauderdale, USA

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